dusty-streetsThis morning as I walked the dusty roads of town to catch a bus, I was amazed at how familiar these sights have become. When we first arrived, I was shocked by the dust, the traffic, the noise, the broken buildings etc. Now, it has just become a new normal.

Seeing kids working to take up money on the bus use to drive me crazy as I thought about how they should be in school, but now, it is normal.

Watching as the women carry bags of bricks on their backs use to amaze me as I thought of how difficult this must be. Now, normal.

It is amazing how quickly our normals can change.

If you watch the news these days, it is normal to see stories of wars, killings, and refugees. And though these things are horrible, they have become normal.

The Lord is teaching me that normal doesn’t always mean right. Yea, many things that have become normal here are considered okay, but that doesn’t make them right. The news reports that have become the norm, do not take away the fact that these things are far from okay.

When our “normals” fall tragically away from the truths of God’s Word, we are in danger.

Normal doesn’t make it right. Normal may indeed be very wrong.

To the young girl who sells her body for food, this may have become normal after the twentieth time, yet it is far from okay.

I believe in this day and age, it is entirely too easy to adjust to the new normals of the culture. Too easy to fall for Satan’s lies that because these are norms, they must be okay.

As parents, teachers, pastors and leaders it is necessary that we teach to others what is normal or right not according to the worlds standards, but according to the Bible.

Where we live, it is normal to lie and bribe, even among Christians. It is ingrained in the culture, a way to survive. Yet, over and over again we have to teach the students and leaders the reality that these things are not okay. Not according to the Bible.

It is easy to slip into the flow of life, to accept the norms. Yet, we have been called to swim against the stream. To be set apart. This isn’t always easy or fun.

Some new norms are okay. Walking dusty streets, taking rickety old buses has become my new norm, and well that is okay. Boiling my water before I drink it, ordering a water truck in the dry season.. new norms, that are okay.

Lying and bribing to get by in this culture, not so much.

For this I must be different, I must follow Christ. A call for us all no matter where we live or what “norms” we face.