loss for gainWe’ve been back in the States now for about 2 months, half of our visit is over. My kids quite honestly are dreading our return to life overseas. They have seen, tasted, and experienced the good, easy life here, and are not so sure they want to trade it in. There are  days when I struggle with this too. Days when I ask myself if it is really worth the sacrifice. Days I wish for that house with the nice white picket fence, and all it entails.

As our days drew near to come to the States, my kids were counting down the days, but I was dreading the day. This was much to my kids dismay, and confusion. And it was not because I didn’t want to come, it was because I knew that once I had been here awhile, how difficult it would be to leave once more.

This past weekend as we drove to Arkansas to share about Nepal. I read a verse that I have not been able to shake. In Luke 9:24 it says, “For whoever wants to save His life will lose it, but whoever loses His life for Me will save it.” In essence, losing to gain. And the Lord placed a balm upon my weary heart and said, “An earthly loss, for a heavenly gain.”

This does not make it any easier as the days pass all too quick. It doesn’t lessen the heart ache of the things my kids miss out on here, to live there. It doesn’t change the hurt of goodbye. And yet, it does bring it all into perspective. We loose in order to gain.

Luke 9:51 states, “As the time approached for him to be taken up to heaven, Jesus resolutely set out for Jerusalem.” Though He knew what was to come, He set His heart, mind, and eyes upon doing the Father’s will. It is my prayer that as our time draws near to return, the Lord will enable this of me as well. All the while, listening carefully as He whispers, “You lose to gain.”

This gain is both here and now, and this gain is heavenly. For though we lose out on a lot of things living there rather than here. We gain so much more there as well. We have the blessed opportunity to be His hands and His feet. To love and be loved by a beautiful people. Our kids get to experience things most of their friends will never have opportunity for. So it is certainly not all loss, now. There is much gain as well.

How about you? What is the Lord asking you to give up or loose for Him? Believe me, I know it feels seemingly more than you can bear, and yet I believe the reward far outweighs the loss, both now and in eternity.

Loosing to gain, an indeed contrast to what the world declares, even to what our friends or family may understand.

Yet, rest assured, the Lord sees and He knows. He recognizes the sacrifice you are making and He is pleased!