not home yetJust the other day I was transported back to my home town, as I sat here in Nepal in the dentist office. For a brief moment as Toby Keith sang “Red, White and Blue,”over the speakers, I was taken back.

It’s a funny thing how music, smells, and even sounds can transport us to another time. When I smell Pumpkin bread, I’m transported back to when I was a child. When I hear certain songs, memories of days gone by come flooding back.

But yesterday was funny, in that I’m not a country music fan, but as I listened to this song, my heart became nostalgic for “home”.

Home for a missionary is a funny thing. Because to be honest, we have multiple homes, and even the idea of where home is can leave one feeling undone. Yet, hearing this song, shot me across the oceans quick to the other side of the world.

And I began to long for this other home. For the familiarity this home represents, the loved ones living there, and the comforts that seem to go hand in hand.

It is funny to listen to my kids talk about this other home. They seem to remember all things good and have forgotten all things bad. They remember things from a different standpoint than either myself or my husband, and they dream about the yummy foods, and fun things this “home” represents.

As the song ended, and we finished up our appointment, we gathered up our things to go to our home here. And I laughed as we walked to the main road in the rain, boarded the public bus, and watched as we passed multiple cows in the road.

Life here is quite different from life there. Though we do many of the same things we would do there, doing them takes more time and can often be far more complicated.

Home there means football games, fire works, family gatherings and bbq’s. Home here means rice and dhal, cows, temples, and load shedding.

But both are home. As much as any home can be.

I’ve learned over the years that home isn’t a place so much as home is the people you are with. My home is with my husband, with my children, and where God leads.

And my eternal “home” is Heaven. The truth is, we are all foreigners, aliens passing through on our way home.

Here in Nepal, I’m often asked, where is your home? My answer, your answer.. let it be…

My home is in heaven. And until we get there, we are to live here, serving Him