deep love of godWell, I’m probably going to show my age, but I can remember it well, it was my senior year of high school and somehow I had won Most Talented at my school. And was asked to sing for the Favorites Show. I was a nervous wreck! They had asked me to sing a Whitney Houston song nonetheless, “The Greatest Love of All.”Such a nice song, with such a wrong message.

This past Friday as I wandered through the back roads of Kathmandu, headed to find a bus. I heard the bells ringing, smelt the incense burning and passed numerous people bearing the tika on their heads.

And like I often do in such situations, I began to silently pray as I walked the dusty roads. Praying that somehow, someway God would open the eyes of the people here to the Truth of Jesus. Praying that they would understand that the One true God sees them, hears them and loves them. In fact His is the greatest love of all.

See the song I sang so many years ago sends the message that the greatest love of all, is learning to love yourself. As I think on this now, all I can do is shake my head. For the greatest love of all is not a love others give to you, it’s not the love of a child the love of a husband and not even as Whitney sang, learning to love oneself.

The greatest love of all is the deep, deep love of Christ. Jesus said, “Even as My Father has loved me, So have I loved you. Now remain in My love (John 15:9).” Can you fathom what this verse implies, the amazing love of God Almighty for the Lord Jesus, is the same love the Lord Jesus has for His children.

And if that isn’t enough, dwell upon this. “While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us (Romans 5:8).” When we were His enemies, He who knew no sin, took sin upon Himself and died in our place.

Paul prayed that we might know how deep, how wide, how vast and unmeasurable is the love of Christ. That nothing could change this great love.

It is this majestic love that compels us to go and tell others. It is this amazing love that I yearn for the people here who are walking in darkness to understand.

Yet, how often do I forget? How often do you?

When listening recently to a sermon by Francis Chan entitled, “Falling in love with God.” He apologized to his congregation saying that for so long he has preached at the symptoms instead of focusing on the root. For so long he said, he’d preached on giving, loving the poor, going to the ends of the earth, living godly lives. All good and needed, but he said he’d missed the core issue. Going on to share that when we begin to grasp and understand the love God has for us, the grace He has shown to us. We will have no problem “doing” and obeying His commands.

The deep, deep love of Christ. It is amazing, it is compelling. And it is to motivate us in all things.

It is my prayer that not only will God reveal this amazing love to the lost living here in this land, but that He will reveal this great love more and more to you and to me.