nepalchildren-709159It was the day before the mission team was to arrive. I of course wanted everything to be perfect. Yet, nothing was going my way.

Instead, it seemed everything was going wrong.

For a week prior, rumors had spread of a possible fuel shortage, leaving long lines visible all over the city, as everyone tried to fill up on petro.

Now, a week later, all the fuel stations were closed, and news of a blockade between the southern border of Nepal and Northern India was all anyone could talk of.

It was early morning, as I sat down with my coffee, Bible and journal. My heart it seemed was racing, as I felt panic swell within me. I still had so much to do to prepare for their arrival. And, all I could think of was the petro shortage, wondering how this would affect our plans for the team.

Then I began to read God’s Word, and as always, the Lord was faithful to speak to my worn heart.

I had just begun the Gospel of Luke, and as I read the familiar text of Luke 2, and our Savior’s birth. I couldn’t get passed the part where it said….”While they were there, the time came for the baby to be born.”

See, they were far from home, trying to do the right thing, by going to register for the census, when at the most inconvenient time, the time came for the Baby to be born.

I’m confident that this is not how Mary had planned it. I’m sure, she wished she were at home, anywhere but in a stable for the birth of her first child. Yet, this was God’s plan, bringing Him the most glory.

As I read this, a calm that comes only from the Lord, settled over my heart. As the Lord reminded me that though this was probably the worst time for the mission team to arrive, due to the unrest and lack of fuel. That this didn’t take Him by surprise. For He knew long before they would come, that this would be the scenario that they would arrive to. He knew that there would be a fuel crisis, but He wanted them here for such a time as this.

The Lord spoke to my heart and said, “it is okay, I have them coming now at a difficult time, so that I will indeed receive the most glory.”

And He did. For now as I write this a week and a half later… I stand amazed. For though nothing is certain in Nepal. Though life is difficult even on the best of days. The Father showed out for His glory during the time the team was here.

For though there was a fuel crisis, and I feared our plans would have to change. Nothing changed, everything went as planned. Lives were changed,hearts were transformed, and the Lord showed out. All for His name sake, and for His glory.

How great a Savior and Lord we serve. Though His ways don’t always make sense. Though we often question His ways. His ways are perfect. And I give Him all of the praise, honor and glory, for the great things He has done!