missionary callingIn transit means something lasting only a short time, something not permanent.

The longer I live and move about the world, continent to continent. The more I realize that we are all in transit.

Having been married for 14 years now. We have lived in Arkansas, Tennessee, Korea, Tennessee, and now Nepal. It seems every few years, we are sent out to a new location.

It is exciting, but it is also hard.

Because you have to learn over and over again to say goodbye.

I can remember in our 2 years living in Korea, having to say goodbye each semester to precious college students the Lord had entrusted to us. It was grueling.

Leaving Korea was heartbreaking, because I knew I’d probably never see these dear friends again this side of Heaven.

While in the states, our kids made friends, that they then had to leave.

Now only a year after having moved to Nepal

We are still saying goodbyes.

Watching as friends seem to come and go.

And the truth is, it never gets easier.

It would appear to be easier to close oneself off from others. Easier not to get close, to protect your heart.

Yet, I’m finding this is not healthy. Although it is normal.

I found a great sight, http://www.alifeoverseas.com/ that has proved very helpful in understanding  things from others perspectives.

Many blogs have been written on Oldies and Newbies (missionaries, that is).

Most have shared that for the oldies, it is hard for them to open up. Hard for them to welcome the newbies. Difficult to let another one in, since there is no promise that these newbies will last for the long hall.

And they are right… it is hard.

Yet, I have found in life, that anything worth having is hard.

Anything worth doing, takes time, effort, and risk.

Sure, as M’s your there to reach the lost, to embrace the people of that culture. Yet, you need (we all need) those we can relate to. Those we can understand, and who understand us.

There is a definite risk in establishing friendships on the M Field. Yet, a risk worth taking.

My kids asked me the other day, why does everyone keep leaving?

The truth is, it is hard. Hard to make friends and then watch as they leave.

Yet, even harder to remain alone.

I’m amazed at how gracious our Lord is.

For it seems every time, He moves one person out of our lives, He moves another into our lives.

Then we have to ask ourselves? Will we risk getting close to another new family, or will we leave them to themselves.

Being in transient is not easy. We all seek permanence. We all want security.

Yet, I’m reminded in God’s Word that this is not our home.

We are sojourners, only passing through.

So as we pass through this life, let us embrace each day, each opportunity, each person.

Not missing out for a second on the rich friendships and blessings others can be to us as we journey along.