kathmandu citySome things here in Nepal have taken on a familiarity. For instance, walking along the dirt roads, seeing goats and chickens as I walk. Encountering the occasional cows that roam about freely.

But today, something unusual happened. After I took the kids to school, and got on the bus to return home. I sat next to an older Nepali man, who was busy reading a Bible.

I couldn’t help, but think of Phillip and the Ethiopian Eunuch. So I began to pray that God would somehow opened up an opportuinity for us to talk.

Within seconds, he put his Bible away and asked me where I was from. (Thank you Lord, he speaks some English!) I told him I was from America, and we proceeded with small chit-chat.

Then I asked him what he had been reading, and he smiled sheepishly and said, the Bible. I gave him a huge smile and asked if he was a Christian. When he said yes, I told him that I was to.

He then told me that he and a small group of other believers are meeting in their home to study the Bible together. And I shared with him about the Seminary we are here working with to train pastors.

It was a wonderful time to meet this fellow believer. For this certainly doesn’t happen everyday!!

Thankfully unlike the Ethiopian Eunuch, this man was a believer, but I wonder how much of the Scripture he understands. His name was Simeon. I told him, I would be praying for him, and those meeting in his home. He thanked me, and blessed me.

Soon thereafter, he got off the bus, and I smiled to myself, thanking God for allowing me to be in the right place at the right time.

Who has God placed in your life? What opportunities has He given you in your day-to-day? I encourage you to ask the Lord to open up the doors for you to be His witness. To ask the Lord to give you boldness to share with those He brings about your path.

You never know, whether God will use you to provide the blessing or like me to receive the blessing!!