illiterateAfter being in Nepal for a while now, I have realized just how much we take for granted. Things like, water, electricity, food, etc. I’ve realized how hard the rest of the world has it. How most spend the majority of their days, walking to and from the well to get water. Washing their clothes by hand, and seeking to get all their chores done during day light, because once night hits, there is no electricity.

But yesterday I became all to aware of one thing we take for granted, that the majority of the world does with out. The ability to read God’s Word.

As I sat in the Women’s Bible study on Wednesday, everyone took time to share their prayer concerns. My friend sat close by translating what was being said. As an older woman began to speak, tears began to fall from her eyes. She shared how her greatest prayer request was that she would be able to learn to read. So that she could read her Bible and sing the hymns. And my heart broke.

The truth is, she is one of many. Here in Nepal, many of the older generations of women are illiterate. This is true in Africa, China, the Amazon, and other places as well.

So many who can not read. So many believers who lack the ability to read their Bibles.

And I was struck, by how often we take such a thing for granted.

How so many of us have stacks of Bibles lying around our homes collecting dust.

While millions don’t have a copy of their own, and many who couldn’t read it even if they did.

The longer I am here, the more I realized just how blessed I am. When I’m tempted to complain about the difficulties, I realize how much better we have it than the majority.

While most wash clothes by hand, we have a wash machine.

While most eat vegetables and rice daily, we can afford to eat meat.

While most don’t have electricity, we have an inverter that allows us to have electric regardless.

While many don’t have Bibles of their own, and so many can’t read them. We have God’s Word that we can study, memorize, and meditate upon anytime.

We are blessed.

Soon we will begin teaching Nepali (how to read and write ) to women such as these. We are praying God can and will use this as an evangelism tool, leading the lost to Him, but also as a blessing to the believers. That they might have the ability to study God’s Word on their own.

May we not take for granted the everyday blessings of the Lord. May we recognize how blessed we are. May the Lord rid us of grumbling and complaining, and fill our mouths with His praise!!