images (1)This past summer back in the USA, our church hosted some Sunday evening movie nights. On one of these nights, we watched the film, “Ring the Bell.” It was a great story of how at a home for orphaned kids, when they came to know Jesus, they would go out in the yard and ring the bell. One man traveling through encountered Christ while there and well, you should go watch the movie to see what happens.:-)

Yet, the other day as I was walking the kids to school, we passed one of the many temples located here in Central Asia. As we walked by, there were people there bringing offerings, lighting candles and incense, and ringing the bells.

My inquisitive daughter turned and asked me, “Mommy, why are they ringing the bells?” I then explained to her that they believe they must ring the bells to alert the gods of their coming and their prayer request. It is also believed to word off the evil spirits. I told her that this was a part of their worship, that they believed they must do to please the gods.

She listened and nodded and then said, but we don’t have to do that do we? We can just talk and pray to God anytime.

And of course she is right. But, as we continued on to school, I was struck by the sound of the ringing bells. In the movie, it was a declaration that someone had accepted Christ as their Savior. Yet, here it means nothing close.

Morning, noon and night, I hear bells ringing, as the Hindu’s offer puja and go to temples to worship their gods. Each time, my heart breaks a little. For though they are sincere in their prayers and beliefs. I know that these acts of worship are not heard nor answered. For there is only one God, Jehovah, and only one way to gain access into His presence. Through Jesus Christ, His Son.

Please join me in praying for this nation and these people. That the Lord God Almighty, who neither slumbers nor sleeps. Will open the eyes of His people that they might see their desperate need for Christ. Pray that His Word would go forth and spread, never returning void, but being used for the furtherance of the Gospel in this land.