missions1Sometimes it is difficult, living in two worlds.

We experienced this when we lived in South Korea, and now once more as we serve in Central Asia.

It is a weird feeling. I read on Facebook of my friends back home, and try to relate. Try to connect.

Yet, somehow living so far away, makes it hard to truly connect.

It is strange indeed, not feeling as if you really belong anywhere.

Oh, we have our ministry and friends here. We have set up our “home” and enjoy what we do. Yet, still here, we are foreigners and honestly always will be.

To our friends back home, I’m sure they too have a hard time connecting. They read our newsletters and pray for us. Yet, somehow to them, we are so far away and basically life must go on.

As I was reading through Paul’s letters to the churches. I was reminded afresh and anew that we are just pilgrims passing through. That this isn’t our home anymore than the grand ol’ USA is home.

Our home is in Heaven.

Jesus had no “home” of His own.  He knew He had come only to do the will of the Father.

Which is what each of us is called to do. Whether at home or abroad.

For us, this means a sense of not really belonging.

But when put in perspective….it makes sense.

For we don’t belong here, in this world

We have been called to be separate … to be different.

To all of those who serve far from home, thank you.

For if no one else understands, I know you do.

And I want to encourage you, as the Lord has encouraged me.

Your not home yet.

But one day, we will all be “home” gathered around the throne of our Savior, worshipping Him with brothers and sisters from every tribe, nation and tonge.

And yes, it will be worth it all!