adjustmentsMoving to the mission field in Central Asia has been full of adjustments. And it seem that just when we have adjusted to one thing, we then have to adjust to something else.

When we first arrived, our stomachs had to adjust to the different foods and spices (and some days it still does). We had to adjust to the pollution and dust, causing our allergies to flare up.

We adjusted to a whole new way of driving. For here they drive on the left side and the steering wheel is also on the left side of the car. My husband had to adjust to learning to drive in what appears to be utter chaos and confusion.

The kids had to adjust to a new school, new teachers, new friends.

We have been here less than 2 months, but just the other day I commented to my mom that I thought we had adjusted quite well. Telling her we had found our grove and established our routine.

When out of no where the north winds began to blow and cold rains began to fall. So now we are learning to adjust to the cold. To buildings and homes without central heat. To sleeping under piles of blankets and cold floor.

All in all, we have had to adjust to a different way of life. A slower pace. We have had to let go of expectations and learn to accept new ways of doing things.

The adjustments of life are never through though. This I’m learning. For we are always learning, always growing.

And the Lord is teaching me that this is ok. He’s teaching me that all I need to do is be in tune with Him, walking in step with His leading.

Jesus came seeking not to do His will, but the Fathers will.

Jesus sought not to please Himself, but to please the Father.

And I’m learning that this is all He requires of me too.

Adjustments will come, life as a whole is one adjustment after another, but this is how we grow.

My goal, my purpose is to do the will of the Father, the will He has for me.

My goal is to daily seek to please not myself, but the Lord.

And as I do these things, the Lord will give me the grace and strength needed to adjust to whatever life throws my way.

The same is true for you. No matter where you are, adjustments will come. And your goal like mine is just to walk in step with the Father, doing His Will, pleasing Him.

The will He has for my life will be different from the will He has for yours. The ways you daily please Him, likewise won’t be the same.

Yet our goal must be the same.

Our goal should be to seek to be more like Jesus. Desiring to do His will and to please Him.