thYSSRVKWULong before we knew where God was calling us or what we would be doing. The Lord struck our hearts with the passage in Mark when Jesus calls the disciples to go with Him to the other side.

Not many wanted to go here, for on the other side, they knew the possessed man who lived among the tombs was there. Not many wanted to go because it was safer and more comfortable to stay home. Not many wanted to go because they didn’t know what awaited them, there were no guarantees.

When God told us to go to Nepal and I began checking the globe, I realized that Nepal truley was on the other side of the world. The Lord was calling us to the other side. The other side where we knew not what awaited us. The other side that would not be comfortable or normal to our mindsets. The other side where everything would be different.

We have been in Nepal five days now.

And I have been trying to take it all in. It is a bit overwhelming in actuality.

Nothing about life here is “normal” from my American point of view.

Nothing here is for sure. We plan for our day and maybe we get 2 of the things planned accomplished.

Everything here takes time and much patience.

Combine that with the fact that we are living with another family. Living out of suitcases and trying to find a house to rent.And maybe you can understand the stress we feel.

I keep crying out to God, for I know only He can provide us with the strength, help, grace and peace we need.

And I think back to the story. On the way to the other side, a storm arose. The disciples did not even think they would make it. The stress and anxiety were real to the disciples. But God was with them and He got them to the other side. Teaching them along the way to trust Him, to rely on Him.

Our trip over went rather smoothly compared to the disciples. Our biggest struggle was loosing a bag, that after two days was returned. Yet, the day to day of life here is where the true test has come in. The spiritual warfare being extreme.

When Jesus and the disciples arrived and saw the possessed man, I’m sure the disciples were somewhat afraid. And I take comfort in that, for as I look around and sense the darkness of this land, if I’m not careful, the fear can take over.

But then I think of how the man was changed. No longer possessed but in his right mind. Changed forever and sent then by Jesus to tell those in his hometown.

And then I think, this is why we have come. The journey over to the other side has been hard, the culture shock real, the day to day stress overwhelming. But God is with us. And He can use us to break through the darkness. He can use us to help release the captives and set free those in bondage. Then these can share with those in their hometown of the one true living God.

Jesus the hope of the nations!