As the days draw nearer to our departure date and I watch as my kids heart breakingly say goodbye to family and friends.

I have to wonder if this is okay.

I question whether taking my kids to live in a third world country is right.

I wonder how they will adjust and whether they will hate it or love it.

I think and ponder these things.

Then I came across an amazing read, Am I a Horrible Parent for Moving my Kids (back) to Africa?

And I take a deep breath and remember that I’m not alone.

I remember that my first allegiance is not to my kids, but it is to the Lord.

I’m reminded that it isn’t my job to please or make my kids happy.

As a mom, my job is to teach, train and raise my children up in the ways of the Lord.

I’m to point them to Jesus, showing them that there is more to life than the latest fad or newest gadget.

More than selfishly focusing their eyes upon themselves.

Showing them the deepest needs of others.

This is my call as a mom.

I answer first to the Lord.

And I must trust the One who saved me and who loves my children more than I do, to care for them.

Are we wrong to take our children from their home, their family, their church, and their friends?

In short, no. We’d be wrong if we didn’t go.

Knowing this however, doesn’t make the packing or goodbyes any easier.

It won’t magically cause everyone to adapt quickly or love their new home.

This doesn’t even remove all the fears.

But, it is my prayer that as third culture kids, they will see beyond themselves.

They will understand the amazing grace of God, as they see how much they have in comparison with others.

It is my prayer that the Lord will use them to point other children to Him.

That as they play with the orphans and see the outcast, their hearts will be broken and moved to do something more.

As third culture kids, they have an amazing opportunity to experience things that most do not.

Sure, they may miss out on the latest fads. They may miss the typical american life.

But I’m realizing that this is okay.

Because they will encounter so much more.