monkey-on-swayambhunath-stupa-kathmandu-1024x715The smell of death lingered on as we made our way through the largest Hindu temple in Kathmandu. Believed to be a holy place. A place where when Hindu’s die, they want to be cremated and have their ashes poured into the river. Believing that somehow this will lead them out of the endless cycle of death into heaven.

As we walked through there was a sense of oppression, for we had entered into the enemies territory. Walking up the stairs we watched as bodies were burned. Of course you could not see the body because it was covered with wood and hay, yet, the reality of what was taking place could not be disguised. The fact that the dead were cremated was not the issue however, the real issue was the number of Hindu’s who come daily here to this holy place to bring offerings and who seek to appease their god for their sins. We were told daily thousands are cremated here and thousands come with offerings. Once again, my heart broke for the bondage the mass majority of Nepal is under. How thankful I was when it was time to leave, yet glad for the chance to truly see the desperate need for Jesus here in Nepal.

Next we toured the largest Tibetan Buddhist temple in Kathmandu. Though the atmosphere was different, the lostness remained the same. We watched as numerous Buddhist lit candles, spun prayer wheels and offered fruit and flowers to their god. The amazing part was the area of repentance, where we were told daily people come and cry out for forgiveness for their sin. Sadly, these will never know true forgiveness apart from Jesus.

Going to these two temples was needed to fully grasp the spiritual darkness and belief system we are dealing with and that the students from the seminary encounter daily. For some, these students are the only Christian in their families.

What a relief it was when it was time to go to the house of the Lord and to watch the students take in the Word of God. To hear them pray in Nepali is awesome and though I do not understand what is being said, the Lord does and He is pleased.