gurung girlsI awoke after some much-needed sleep to the relentless sound of dogs barking and bells ringing.Everyone is Nepal has a dog and they all enjoy talking to one another.

The bells ringing however are the result of the Nepali people as they  go to temple each morning. They go ringing the bells  and bring offerings of fruit and flowers. In the movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” one of my favorite lines is when the little girl hears the bells ringing and says, “every time a bell rings an angel gets it wings.” Yet, that is far from the case of the bells ringing here. Each time I hear the bells ring, I stand amazed at the number of lost people who make up the land of Nepal and I pray for the Lord will show them their need of Him.

There are numerous foreigners here which is quite surprising. Many are here working in orphanages, teaching in schools, doing humanity works. I am thankful they are here and thankful for the work that they do. However, after talking with a friend last night, I am reminded that these are not what the Nepali people need the most. What they need the most is Jesus.

I was told that most Hindu’s have no concept of sin. The numerous things we as Christians see as sin, they have no problem with. Thus the only way to change their society is to lead them to Jesus.

So coming to feed the poor and provide them with safe drinking water and schools is great, but these things will not change the heart of the people.These things must be coupled with the Gospel, for only it can change lives.

It is amazing the difference Jesus makes in the lives of these people. I was told me of a man who was notorious for beating his wife, stayed drunk most of the day and treated his daughter as nothing. Then one day, he met Jesus and his life has never been the same. Now, he wakes up each day and makes tea for his wife and daughter and serves them. Daily he rides his bike throughout Nepal telling others of Jesus. This girl said her home went from being hell on earth to heaven on earth. Oh, what the difference Jesus makes.

What the people of Nepal need is Jesus!! Please pray for the Lord to open the eyes of the blind and turn their hearts and eyes upon Him.